Range of Products

We, Handelskontor Bodenburg GmbH, are trading poultry and turkey products of any kind and provide processing and export industries with products for fresh and frozen food.

Among our customers are processing industries, meat processing plants, sausage manufacturers, snack producers as well as pet food producers and poultry slaughter houses. But also wholesalers and export companies count to our regular customers.

On international level we export Europe-wide to countries such as France, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo but also to third countries such as Togo and other African countries. We also export to China, Hong Kong and Vietnam via other export companies.

In 2011 we were trading about 12 000 tonnes of products with our customers, with a focus on export trade which accounts for around 75% of all transactions.

please find an excerpt of our range of products tl_files/bodenburg/redaktion/downloads/pdf-icon.png

Case studies



One of our longstanding customers from France requires large amounts of poultry on a regular basis for manufacturing sausages. No problem for us: Our long-established business-relations to slaughterhouses and cutting plants enable us to offer our customer constant freshness and German quality consciousness.


Export transactions

Once the customer has placed his order with us, we start coordinating the availability of containers and trucks, organize the loading of goods as quickly as possible and guarantee that procedures with all the important control mechanisms such as veterinaries, inspectors and customs formalities go off smoothly.
We cultivate excellent relations to any of these important institutions and the direct customs clearance enables us to always guarantee a smooth transportation of goods.


Short-term deliveries

We order large amounts of several different poultry parts from select producers on a regular basis and store them in excellent cold stores in North Germany. Our select high-quality stock allows us to easily respond to market requirements or urgent customer enquiries without delay. Thus we make sure that our customers always receive the right product in best quality.
This is a crucial advantage in competition, which is much appreciated by all our customers.